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New Way Lighthouses

New Way is hyper focused on community involvement.  Where there is an identified need - we want to work to address it.

You are always welcome to make New Way your home.  We are a group of like minded, faith filled people that are on a journey.  Each of us at our own place - all of us moving together in faith.  We realize - God doesn't love all of us - He loves each of us.


More than that - we don't want to replace your home church - rather pull along side it and raise it to a new level.  Lets face it, most needs in the community are far greater than 1 faith community can conquer.  Once we realize that we are a team of churches working together and not in competitiion we are then freed to be a true force for God.

Our Light House project is multi-faceted in these ways. . .

First they are points of contact when there is a need.  Truly let us know how we can be a blessing to you.


Second - they can be a gathering place for worship.  Either keep it with-in the home in true Acts fashion - gather and watch the stream - or come as a group to worship on Sunday morning.


Third - a place of refuge.  If you are at the end of all you are - find a Light House.  They are filled with caring people just waiting to bless you.


As the signs say - let us know how we can bless you! 

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